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The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI) is a non-profit international organization of persons employed, or genuinely interested in the field of natural science illustration, having the desire to maintain and further the profession through increased communication of those involved, to encourage and assist others with the desire and capabilities to enter the profession, to promote better understanding of the profession by the general public and those persons requiring natural science illustration services and to increase the respect for the profession through encouraging high standards of competence and ethics.

Membership in the national organization is encouraged but not required to become a member of GNSI- Oregon. Their web site is: www.gnsi.org



The GNSI Oregon Group began with an informal gathering at the GNSI national conference in Richland, Washington in 1999, organized by Elaine Hodges. An art exhibit was organized in the fall of 2000 at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, University of Oregon campus, Eugene, OR. In 2002, Elaine Hodges did a graphite-shading workshop again at the Museum. The first formal meeting was held at the Hodge’s home in the spring of 2003. Presentation: Kris Kirkeby – teaching a biology and art illustration curriculum in schools. Late winter 2006 we gathered again at Kris Kirkeby’s home. Presentation: Cascade Raptor Center brought a Spotted Owl for our drawing session.

In 2011 the group was revitalized and our first meeting was held at Newport, OR. Presentation: Joanna Carrabbio -watercolor for waves and a behind-the-scenes tour of the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Our main goal is to connect with other scientific and nature illustrators. We hold 2-3 meetings per year, all with an educational component, offering presentations and mini-workshops and visiting nature-related facilities or locations. We also coordinate member art exhibits. To be eligible to enter these shows, you must have attended one meeting in the last year and be on our membership list. Some exhibits may limit entries to members who hold membership in the national GNSI organization.



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